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Mustique prides itself on its pristine environment. The island teems with wildlife and marine creatures offshore. Wild tortoises, hummingbirds and other exotic species roam unmolested in island gardens, tropical pastures and on its white sand beaches.

Flowers blaze in symphonies of colour all year round. Coral fish and turtles hug the shoreline. Noble white cedars look down upon mangrove lagoons, coconut plantations and palm groves. Views from almost anywhere take the breath away. The climate remains benign virtually all year round.

Mustique is one of the few remaining Caribbean islands free of hassle and hustle. There is no congestion, no traffic lights, no beach hawkers or litter, no casinos or high-rise hotels and a speed limit of 20 m.p.h. for the few cars and golf buggies on the roads.

Active guests can jog fitness trails, snorkel or scuba dive the nearby reefs, ride ponies and horses from the Equestrian Centre, enjoy catamaran and sailboat cruises, or head for one of six flood-lit tennis courts. One of the world’s great golf courses is just minutes away on the adjacent island of Canouan.

Alternatively, you may choose to while away the days basking on golden sands, luxuriating in a four- star spa and beauty salon, wining and dining at Mustique’s seaside bars and cafés, or enjoying your own personal barbecue on the beach organized by Shogun’s staff.

Mustique beach


Excellent telephone, cell phone and Wi-Fi internet connections are available at Shogun. Electricity on the island is 220 volts. Hairdryers and transformers for appliances requiring 110 volts are readily available. We ask guests to moderate electricity consumption where possible, especially with air- conditioning usage.


Mustique is one of the safest places on earth. The Mustique Company Security Force assists the Royal Vincentian Police in maintaining this enviable record.


Mustique’s resident doctor, Dr. Michael Bunbury, operates a well equipped modern clinic and dispensary offering medical and emergency care.


As with all Caribbean islands, water is considered a precious resource, despite abundant rainfall in season. The Mustique Company operates an extremely modern desalination plant and water is piped directly to all villas. This water is safe to drink and of a purer quality than in many Western cities! Rain water is collected and stored in huge tanks at Shogun and used for garden irrigation.

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