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The staff of Shogun would be delighted to help you organize excursions or social occasions to suit your individual requirements. A trip to Britannia Bay, the local community shopping area of the island, houses the famous Basil’s Bar & Restaurant, Pink House and Purple House Boutiques, Sweetie Pie Bakery, Corea’s Food Store, the daily Fish Market or Basils Boutique for beachwear.

Listed below are a host of other activities and destinations guests might wish to consider:


While much socializing on Mustique occurs within homes and villas, there are a number of bars and restaurants on the island. Shogun’s butler will happily apprise guests of all the options on offer and make reservations if appropriate. Shogun staff will gladly chauffeur guests to such establishments, thus avoiding any temptation to ‘drink and drive’.


Each January / February, Basil’s Bar hosts the Annual Mustique Blues Festival at the world famous Basil’s Bar. Musicians from many countries donate their time and talents to this worthwhile, charitable cause. All proceeds go to the Basil Charles Educational Foundation.


The three most popular sports in St Vincent & The Grenadines. Inter-island rivalry can be intense among locals! The cricket and soccer playing field is located close the airport runway. A basketball court is located at the western edge of the playing field. Visitors are welcome as spectators or participants.

Mustique beach


Macaroni Beach is perhaps the most famous of Mustique’s nine beaches and is situated on the east coast of the island. Other popular beaches on the Atlantic or Caribbean are Endeavour, Lagoon, L’Ansecoy, Pasture Bay and Simplicity. Several have picnic hut facilities. Smaller beaches are connected along the coastline by rustic stone paths.


Mustique’s lagoon is the perfect setting for bird watching. Over 50 species are indigenous to Mustique including Mangrove Cuckoos and Tropical Kingbirds.

A special book on the birds of Mustique is available at Shogun.


Located behind the Bamboo Church near the Mustique Primary School.


Once a week during high season, The Managing Director of Mustique invites homeowners, villa guests and hotel guests to a cocktail party at The Cotton House Hotel. This is an excellent opportunity for guests at Shogun to mingle and socialize with others on the island. Do not be surprised if you are invited to other homes—possibly in return for permitting others to use your private golf course for a round or two!


The official currency of the region is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. However, US dollars are accepted just about everywhere. The Mustique Company, whose offices are located close by Mustique’s bamboo airport, is happy to assist villa guests with any currency exchange.

Shogun Powerboat


Shogun staff can organize a day of sightseeing to other islands. Trips to St. Vincent with tours to the capital, Kingstown, La Soufriere volcano, waterfalls, or guided hiking and biking tours through the rainforest are popular activities. (See also ‘Shogun Powerboat’ under ‘Shogun House’.)


The Equestrian Centre offers trail rides around most parts of the island. Riders can trek up into the hills, admiring the wonderful views, and/or ride through the surf on white sand beaches. The Centre has horses to suit every riding level for children as well as adults. During the main seasons Pony Camps are organized for the children. Lessons are also available for children and adults.


Sport and leisure fishing are easily arranged (see ‘Shogun Powerboat’). Spear fishing, however, is not permitted in Mustique waters.


For an invigorating hike, the island has a 2.2 mile waymarked fitness trail with 14 different exercise stations.

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